6 Facilities Offered by IRCTC that Most of the People are Unaware About

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Almost everyone here would have used IRCTC Next Generation portal or www.irctc.co.in to book the tickets. Most of the people would also have IRCTC Login details which are required to book the tickets. In case you do not, well you must register on IRCTC website and get your own IRCTC Next Generation Login Details.

Moving ahead, the main purpose of writing this article is to help the passengers in understanding various types of services which are offered by IRCTC. These services can prove to be very helpful for the people. Here are some of the facilities that IRCTC offers but most of the people are unaware of these facilities.

6 Rare Facilities Offered by IRCTC

  • Wheelchair Access– This facility is available to the passenger free of cost and the facility makes the travel disabled friendly for the people. To avail this facility, you can visit the IRCTC website at irctc.co.in. On the website, click on Services at Station and select E-Wheelchair. The service is free of cost and you can always book this in case of patients, senior citizens and differently abled citizens.
  • Food As Per Demand– IRCTC also lets you book a meal. This meal can be booked from local restaurants and to book this meal, you need to visit the IRCTC website again. On the website, click on Meals and then select E-Catering. After entering your PNR Number, you can order food and the food gets delivered to your seat at the station of your choice. Certainly, something that you must try.
  • Booking Retiring Room– It is also possible to book a retiring room for 12 hours to 48 hours as per your requirement. These retiring rooms can prove to be a cheap accommodation if the train is in waitlist of if the train has been delayed/cancelled. To book the retirement room and to get more information about tariffs, you can visit https://www.rr.irctctourism.com/#/accommodation
  • Cab Facility– You know you can even book a cab before your train journey ends. This facility is also offered by IRCTC now and you can find the link to book a cab on IRCTC website. The link is available in Services at Station Option. IRCTC has partnered with Ola to make it possible for you to get the cab easily.
  • Travel Packages– This is a common service offered by IRCTC. This service basically includes the packages, hotels and air tickets. You can visit the IRCTC tourism website to avail of these services and the link to the website is https://www.irctctourism.com/#/tourpkgs. You can use your IRCTC login to book services.
  • IRCTC App and IRCTC e-Wallet– Lastly, you can download the IRCTC Mobile Connect App or you can also use IRCTC e-Wallet and both these services add up to your convenience while availing any type of service.

These are all different kind of services offered by IRCTC and you can make full use of these services as and when required. They can prove to be really handy for you while you are travelling and the best part is that you really do not have to pay a lot to avail these services.

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