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You can book a railway ticket for a journey that you are going to take 120 days from now. That is right, the IRCTC lets you book a ticket for a journey date that is almost 4 months in future and that provides you with enough time to book the ticket. There are positives and negatives of the same. The good part is that you can book a ticket in advance if you like to plan ahead but the bad part about this is that the tickets tend to run out as the time approaches closer. In such a case, the IRCTC offers your provision to book a ticket under Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Quota.

These tickets under Tatkal and Premium Tatkal Quota are priced at a little higher side as you need to pay a premium for the same. If you tried getting a ticket for your journey in advance but the train tickets are in waitlist with a low CNF Probability then you must use IRCTC Next Gen Portal to book a ticket in Tatkal. Here are some important things to know before you move ahead with IRCTC Login to book a Tatkal Ticket.

Important Points to Consider Before Booking a Ticket in Tatkal Quota

  • Booking Window – If you have a week before you journey date then you need to know that you can’t book a Tatkal ticket now. You need to wait till a day before the journey to book the Tatkal ticket. Be prepared to log in to IRCTC Next Generation Portal as soon as the window for Tatkal Ticket Opens as they quickly run out of Tatkal Ticket. In such a case, you will have an option to book Premium Tatkal.
  • Booking Timings – The Booking window for any class in AC starts at 10:00 AM on the previous day and the booking window for Non-AC class starts an hour after this. You can start booking the ticket as soon as the window opens and you can book the ticket till 12:00 AM before they discontinue the booking for the day.
  • Extra Charges – There are extra charges on booking the Tatkal Ticket and these charges can vary from Rs 10 to Rs 500 depending on the class that you are travelling in. Talking about the premium Tatkal, there is no fixed charge as railway follows a dynamic fare model while offering Premium Tatkal Tickets to the passenger
  • Cancellation – Lastly, you do not get refunded for the booking amount or any fee if you decide to cancel the Tatkal or premium Tatkal ticket. This is only if your ticket was confirmed. You can cancel your ticket if it was in waitlist and the money will be refunded back to you.

Now, let us look at the steps to book the Tatkal Ticket with help of the IRCTC Next Gen Portal

Process to Book Ticket under Tatkal Quota

  • IRCTC Login – Process to Book ticket under Tatkal Quota is similar to booking a ticket under General Quota so start by visiting the IRCTC website on On the website, proceed with the login by clicking on the Login Button and entering your Login ID and Password. You can log in on the portal in the later stages as well but we recommend you to log in before you begin.
  • Finding Train – In the next step, enter the starting point of the journey, the endpoint of the journey, date of journey and the class that you wish to travel in. Once that is done, find the Trains that are available between the stations.
  • Shortlisting Train & Checking Status – Now, you need to decide the train that you wish to travel in. Check the required details so as to find the best suitable match as per your requirements. Check the train availability in the general category and if you have already checked the availability in General Category then scroll up on the page and select Tatkal / Premium Tatkal from the Quota Option on the top right side of the page.
  • Finalizing the Train – Check the availability again in the Tatkal / Premium Tatkal quota and if you are satisfied with the availability, click on Book Button or else search for an alternative train and click on Book Button.
  • Passenger Details and Payment – Enter the passenger details and you may choose to use a contact card here if you have already saved the contact card. Proceed to the payment page after reviewing the booking details and make the payment by selecting the payment method.
  • Ticket Confirmation – The ticket will be booked once the payment has been made and you will get a confirmation on your mobile.

This is how you can book the Ticket under Tatkal Quota and you can use the same workflow while booking a ticket on mobile using IRCTC Rail Connect App. Do check the CNF Probability while booking the ticket. If you wish to book a ticket under Ladies quota or some other quota then you may choose Ladies Quota while booking the ticket.

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