How to Check PNR Status via SMS and IRCTC Next Gen Portal?

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When you book a ticket, you receive a PNR Number. This PNR Number can be used to reprint the ticket or to check the seat number allocated to you. Sometimes, you may not get the seat number while you are booking the ticket as the seats might be on the waitlist. In addition to this, there are cases when your seat number might change as the IRCTC often upgrades the passengers to a better coach if the seats are available. In such a case, it becomes really important to check the PNR Number before commencing the journey.

If your ticket was in RAC status even then you might want to check the PNR for checking if the ticket has been confirmed or not. These things can be done via SMS as well as IRCTC Next Gen Portal. In this article, we have listed the process to check the PNR information via SMS as well as IRCTC Next Generation Portal. You can avail this service without logging in with your IRCTC Login ID.

Follow the process listed below to get PNR Information via various methods.

Process to Check PNR Status via SMS

There are times when you are travelling and when you do not have access to the mobile internet. In such a case, you can’t really use the Mobile App or IRCTC Next Gen Portal to get the PNR status. It can be really difficult to go through the charts so in such a case, you can use the SMS Facility offered by IRCTC to check your PNR.

  • If you wish to use SMS Facility then you need to type PNR <PNR Number> in a text message and there are three numbers which you can use to get the PNR Information. So, you can simply send the message in the format to 54959, 139 or Just ensure that you replace <PNR Number> with the actual PNR Number. For example, if your PNR Number is 1234567890 then the message should be PNR 1234567890.
  • Another prescribed format by IRCTC is IPNR <PNR Number> and you would need to send this message on

Wait a couple of minutes after sending the message and you will receive a text message back from IRCTC which will have the details of your PNR Number. This is how easy it is to get PNR Details but if you want to check the PNR Number via IRCTC portal then here is how you can do it.

Process to Check PNR Status via IRCTC Portal

  • Step 1 – To check the PNR Status using IRCTC Portal, you need to first visit the IRCTC Portal. The web address for the same is and you can simply copy the link and paste it into your browser.
  • Step 2 – On the homepage, click on PNR Status Button and this button is displayed below the button for Find Trains. If you have any sort of difficulty in navigating to the page, then you can easily skip the first page and follow the link mentioned below to check the PNR status.

Link –

  • Step 3 – On this new page, you will see the space for entering the PNR Number. Enter your PNR Number and click on the submit button displayed on the page. As soon as you click on the button, the PNR Status will be displayed.

This is how you can check the PNR status via both the methods. There are times when you might not be able to check the PNR with any of these methods and in such a case, it would be best to call IRCTC helpline at 139. The executive will surely help you in getting the status of your PNR Number.

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