Steps to Check Seat Availability in Train via IRCTC Next Generation Portal

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During the initial planning phase of any trip, you first check the availability of the tickets as the plan has a high correlation with the availability of train tickets. If the tickets are not available then your plan can actually go for a toss and you might have to look for another destination. Do you think it is fair to log in to the IRCTC Portal just to check the tickets availability? We are sure that your answer is no. IRCTC took this as a feedback and they redesigned their IRCTC Portal.

The new IRCTC Next Gen Portal lets you check the availability of the train without logging in to IRCTC Account using IRCTC Login ID. The process has been simplified and apart from being able to check the availability, you can also check the probability of the seat being confirmed if the ticket is on the wait list. In this article, we have listed the process to check the seat availability via IRCTC Next Generation Portal and here is the process.

The Process to Check Seat Availability in Train via IRCTC Next Generation Portal

  • Step 1 – To begin checking the seat availability status in any train, you need to first visit the IRCTC portal. The web address for the new portal is same as before and you can access the portal by going to
  • Step 2 – On the portal, the first section that you will notice on your screen is for Plan My Journey and in the same section, you need to enter your source and destination stations. Once that is done, you can also enter the date when you wish to travel. After entering the details, you can click on the button for Finding Trains.
  • Step 3 – The next page will display all the trains available between those two stations. If you prefer any timings to board the train then you can filter the train via departure time or arrival time. You can also sort the results via various criteria. Shortlist the train then you wish to travel in
  • Step 4 – Click on the Check Availability Button corresponding to the train details. This will now display the train availability status on various dates. You now have the information about the train availability. If you wish to check the CNF Probability then you can do so by clicking on CNF Probability Button next to the availability status. It should be noted that the CNF Probability Button will only be displayed if you have a waitlist on the train.
  • Step 5 – If you want to book a ticket in Tatkal Quota and if you want to check the train availability status in the Tatkal Quota or the Premium Tatkal Quota then you need to scroll up on the page and change the Quota from General to the desired Quota. You can again click on Check Availability Button to get to know the availability status. It should be noted that you can book Tatkal ticket only a day prior to the journey.

This is how to check the seat availability with the new portal and it has certainly made it easy for people to be able to check availability. CNF Probability is another such feature which is being loved by the people as they can get an insight of the probability if the ticket will be confirmed or not. IRCTC has certainly done an amazing job with the new portal by implementing such an advance and innovative feature in their Next Gen Portal.

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