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While most of the train run on a daily basis, there are also some trains which do not run on a daily basis. There are trains whose frequency is as low as once in a week. These are usually the trains which run between the places where the foot-fall is not very high. Whatever it is, you must check the schedule of the train for efficient planning of the trip. This helps you in planning for the contingency and this way, you can be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

You can check the schedule of a train if you know the train number. The facility is available on IRCTC Next Gen Portal and there is no need to have IRCTC Login ID to check the same. You can read ahead if you wish to know the procedure of checking the Train Schedule via IRCTC Next Generation Website as we have listed the complete process to check the train schedule below.

Process to Check Train Schedule Using IRCTC Next Generation Website

Step 1 – Since you would be checking the train schedule via IRCTC Next Gen Portal, you need to visit the portal to begin the process. The website that you need to visit to check the train schedule is

Step 2 – To go to the right option, you need to take your pointer on the Train Option from the menu bar. This will display a drop-down menu for you. Select Train Schedule from the drop-down menu and you will now be on a new page which will let you check the train schedule. The direct link of the page is

Step 3 – You will notice an input column for entering the train number. You need to enter the train number for which you wish to check the schedule. Click on the Submit Button after entering the train number and you will be able to check the train schedule on the same page. The page will display the details of the days in a week when the train runs and it will also show you the details of the stoppage of the train.

This is how you check the train schedule but there are many people who confuse it with the live train tracking system. You should note that live train tracking is different from Train Schedule and in the Train Schedule, you get to know about the planned journey whereas, you get to know about the real-time updates in the Live Train Tracking System.

Special Note (Live Train Status) – If this is not what you were looking for and if you were looking for Live Train Status then you can visit Track Your Train Link from IRCTC Next Gen Portal and with help of the train number, you will be able to track the real-time updates of the train. The direct link to access this feature is and you just need to enter your Train Number to get the Running Status of the Train.

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