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If you are travelling late at night then you might want to book a train which specifically stops at the station near your house. You might want to do this to save your travel expense as well. For example, in Delhi, there are many local stations and the different trains from different sources stops at different stations. In this case, booking a train that stops near your house saves a lot of expense as well as time.

You can check the details of the train running between the two specific stations by following the process that we have listed below. It is quite easy to check the details with help of IRCTC Next Gen Portal and here is how you can do it

Steps to Check Train between Stations with IRCTC Next Generation Portal

  • Step 1 – Before you begin the process, you must know that you can check these details without logging in to IRCTC Portal hence you do not need IRCTC Login Credentials for checking the details. To start with it, you can visit the IRCTC portal at
  • Step 2 – On the portal, enter the details of the stations where you want to check the trains from. The details need to be entered in the Plan My Journey Section of IRCTC Portal and apart from the stations, you would need to enter the date and the class of travel. Once that is done, it is advisable to check the button for Flexible with Dates.
  • Step 3 – This is the last step of the process and in this step, you just need to click on Find Train Buttons. You will be taken to a new page where the list of trains between the stations will be displayed. It is advisable to check the route of the train to be sure about the stoppages. There are cases when the page might not reflect any result and in such a case, there is no train available between those two stations.

If you do not find the train between the desired stations then the alternative that you have is to book the train to the nearest station and then you can take the passenger train till the station that you wish to travel. This makes the travel easy and thrifty for you. For any other information, you can call 139.

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