How to Book Ticket on IRCTC in 8 Simple Steps

IRCTC Next Gen

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IRCTC Next Generation Portal came as a surprise to all the people because it had many enhanced features and functionality. It became easy for the people to book tickets and the process was much more user-friendly. If you are not aware of the process of booking the ticket then do not worry as there are 8 simple steps to follow while booking tickets.

8 Simple Steps to Book Ticket on IRCTC

IRCTC Portal

You need to visit the IRCTC Next Generation website to book the ticket. The link for the website is and you can use your IRCTC Login details to login to the website. You can also use your IRCTC Next Generation Login details after finding the train.

Find Trains

On the home page, you need to now find the trains for yourself. Enter the details of the destination and source along with the date of travel. Once that is done, click on Find Train.

Check Availability

You will be directed to a page where a list of trains will be displayed. You can check the availability of various trains and you can also go ahead and change the class as well as quota that you wish to book the train in. Apply various filters and sort the train list with various criteria if you need to. If you want to book a train that has a waitlist then you can also check the CNF Probability in this step. Basically, you need to decide the train that you wish to book a ticket in.

Book Now

After deciding the train that you wish to travel in, simply click on Book Now button. This will initiate the booking process for you. Before clicking on the Book Now button, check that you are booking the right train for the correct date.

Passenger Details

In this step, you will have to enter the passenger details like the name of the passenger, age of the passenger, sex of the passenger and preferences such as seat and meal preference. Click on Next button once that is done.

Review Booking

You will now be taken to a page where you can review the details of booking. Again, this is an important process and you need to ensure that all the details are correct or else you may incur a financial loss.


After confirming the details, you can make the payment for the ticket. You can use a convenient method like IRCTC e-Wallet to make the payment.

Print Ticket

The ticket will be booked after the payment is processed. In addition to this, you will receive the SMS with travel details which can be used as a ticket. If you need, you can even obtain a printout of the ticket.

This is how you can book a ticket in 8 Simple steps. Remember that if you are booking a ticket in Tatkal then you need to book it a day in advance as this is when the ticket booking window opens.

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