How to Book an Air Ticket via IRCTC Next Gen Portal?

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At some point in time, you would have used the IRCTC Portal to book the train ticket and IRCTC Next Gen Portal would have certainly been a great relief for you as it is really user-friendly. If you haven’t checked out the new portal yet then you must visit the IRCTC Next Generation Portal and you will be able to notice the visual changes on the system. IRCTC tries to offer various other services via its portal so that the travellers do not have to use any third party portal to avail any other service. The portal lets you book a trip and hotels. Along with this, the portal also lets you book air tickets at the very competitive price. If you are planning to book an air ticket for somewhere then you must check out the rates offered at the IRCTC portal as you can certainly get the lower price than the prices offered by the third party portal.

If you are not sure about the procedure to book the Air Tickets via IRCTC then you must go through the steps below as we have mentioned the descriptive steps to help you in booking the tickets. Here are the details.

Process to Book Air Tickets via IRCTC Portal

  • If you wish to book the air tickets with help of IRCTC then you can simply visit This is the link for the IRCTC Portal and this is the first step of booking an air ticket with IRCTC Portal.
  • On the homepage of the portal, navigate through the top menu and on the top menu, you will notice a button for Flights. Click on the button and this will take you to the air tickets booking portal of IRCTC. You can also skip the first step and visit the portal directly by going to the link mentioned below.

Link –

  • The link mentioned above will take you to the air booking portal and the first option that you will notice on the page would be for searching the flight. Use the portal just like any other portal that you use for booking an air ticket. Enter your destination and the source. Also, enter the date when you want to travel. You can change the number of passengers if more people are travelling along with you. Once that is done, click on search flights button.
  • As you click on search flights, the portal will start looking for the flights between the two cities and it will take a couple of seconds to display the results. You can sort the results from the lowest price and also, you can filter out the flights as per the departure and arrival time.
  • There is a book button displayed along with the flight. You can click on the button to proceed with the booking. In the next step, you will be able to review the flight information. Check the flight information and ensure that this is the flight that you wish to book.
  • After verifying the flight information, click on the button corresponding to Add Traveller Information. The portal will ask you to login to the IRCTC account via IRCTC Login Credentials. This is mandatory to proceed to the next step. After logging in to the portal, you can enter the passenger details
  • You will also be prompted to enter the contact details and the billing address. Ensure that you enter the correct contact number. Once that is done, you can move to the payment portal and make the payment of the requested amount. The portal supports all types of payment method.
  • The ticket gets confirmed after the payment. You will receive a text message and an email with the PNR and you can use this PNR For web check-in.

This was the complete procedure to book the tickets and it is certainly worth trying the portal at least once to check the prices of the flight.

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