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One of the reasons why people prefer travelling by Railways on a long journey is that they get the freedom to carry a lot of luggage which is actually not possible during the air travels. The airlines can charge a lot of amount for the extra luggage but this was never true for Indian Railways.

At the same time, you would have come across a passenger carrying way too much of luggage during your travel. This can cause a lot of inconvenience to fellow passengers. IRCTC decided to take action on this.

To deal with the issue mentioned above, IRCTC made it clear that it will charge a penalty for extra luggage in the train. The rule is not new and it has been over 30 years since this rule was introduced but the rule was never implemented. The limit of luggage is also pre-defined. As per the information available, we have listed the permitted quantity of the luggage in each class.

IRCTC Luggage Allowance as per the Class

  • For the 1stAC class, the luggage limit is 70 KG
  • For the 2ndAC class, the luggage limit is 50 KG
  • For 3rdAC class, Chair Car and Sleeper Class, the luggage limit is 40 KG
  • For 2ndSeating class, the luggage limit is 35 KG

This is the allowable limit in each class which a passenger can carry without paying extra but what when you need to carry extra luggage with you? Well, if you end up carrying extra luggage in the compartment then there is a penalty of 1.5 times the luggage rate that is charged by Indian railways. There is a maximum amount and you would not be able to carry any weight beyond that limit.

Maximum Limit with Penalty

1st AC Class – The limit here is capped at 150 KG

2nd AC Class – The limit here is capped at 100 KG

3rd AC Class – The limit here is capped at 80 KG
Sleeper Class – The limit here is capped at 80 KG

Second Seating Class – The limit here is capped at 70 KG

What If you are Carrying Extra Luggage? What Is The Solution?

If you are carrying extra luggage then you would have to pay the penalty to the Indian railways but if you do not wish to pay the penalty then you can reach the station a little early and book the luggage for the excess weight. This will help you in saving the penalty that the IRCTC may charge you.


This was all about the new alert from Indian Railways regarding the luggage and for booking ticket, you can go to This is the IRCTC Next Generation Website and you can use your IRCTC Login or IRCTC Next Generation login along with IRCTC e-Wallet to book the ticket. For booking luggage, there is no online process and you will have to visit the station to get it booked for the luggage cart on the train.

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