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You would have surely used Make My Trip to book a ticket or a hotel. The website is surely a great portal and if you have your IRCTC Login then you can also book your railway tickets via Make My Trip Portal. In this case, you would not require to visit the IRCTC Next Generation Website at The service can be obtained via Make My Trip portal itself.

You might be aware of the fact that Make My Trip supports some features on WhatsApp and the basic function of this feature is to share bookings and updates on hotels on WhatsApp. In a recent move, MMT also introduced more features on WhatsApp which can be available in sync with MMT.

Relationship between WhatsApp, IRCTC and MMT

So, as mentioned earlier, MMT has promoted a higher level of integration with WhatsApp and it has started offering more features on WhatsApp. As per the updated version information, you can now check the PNR status of the train ticket booked via IRCTC Next Generation Login directly on WhatsApp without even navigating to IRCTC Portal.

Apart from checking PNR Status, it is also possible to track Live Train Status via WhatsApp and here is how you can avail all these features.

Steps to Check PNR Status with WhatsApp

To check the PNR Status on WhatsApp, the first step is to save the contact number for MMT. The number is 7349389104 and you can save it by any name but to make it easy to remember, you can save this number as MMT WhatsApp or something similar.

Once you have the number saved, you can simply type PNR Status for <PNR Number> and send it to the number mentioned above. This will get you the PNR status on WhatsApp and in the message, you will be able to check the train number, the name of train, source and destination station, the name of the passenger and the status along with the seat number if the seat is allocated to the passenger.

All passengers with a Valid PNR can use this method and even if you used IRCTC e-Wallet to book the ticket, you will be able to check the details. Now, if you wish to check the Live Train Status then you can refer to the process listed below.

Steps to Check Live Train Status with WhatsApp

The WhatsApp number that you need to use to send the message on is already mentioned above so we are not going to list that again. The syntax of the message is important here and the message that you need to send to get the Live Status of the Train is Live Train Status of < Train Number>

This will get you the train status at present and it can help you in planning your travel. As per the information available, MMT is also going to introduce the feature to share the refunds status, train cancellation and ticket cancellation status on the WhatsApp to make it easy for passengers to get information.

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