Baral (BARL) Train Station

Baral Train station - As listed above there 1 trains that depart from Baral (BARL station). Some of the popular trains include KHURJA MEERUT CITY PASSEN is 00 hours 02 minutes delay from their scheduled time, is hours minutes delay from their scheduled time.
No. Train No. & Name Arrival / Departure Schedule Arrival Schedule Departure Delay Arrival / Delay Departure
1 54403
14:16 14:17 00:02

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Baral Train station?

Q. How many trains start from Baral Railway station?

A. There are 0 trains that start from Baral station.

Q. How many trains visit Baral station?

A. There are about 1 trains that pass through the Baral station.

Q. which is the first train from Baral railway station?

A. The first train from Baral is KHURJA MEERUT CITY PASSEN at 14:20.

Q. Which is the last train from Baral Railway station?

A. The last train to depart from Baral is, Train no. 54403, KHURJA MEERUT CITY PASSEN. It departs exactly at 14:20.